Partnering with Big Rock Educational Services, (BRES) has helped refocus our leadership teams back to instruction and away from all of the fillers and even distractions, that take time and energy away from instruction. We were confident in our decision to partner with BRES because their reputation and results had been vetted through our Texas Education Agency technical advisors. BRES employs research-based and effective practices and most importantly, they have high success rates! BRES helped dramatically redesign and restructure our campuses to create a culture of academic success!

Based on pre-COVID interim data, it was expected that all campuses were going to earn at least a B Texas Education Agency rating. We must also not ignore the power of anecdotal evidence, such as positive organizational health inventories on our campuses, astronomical decreases in discipline data with significant decline in referrals across all 4 campuses, and increased enrichment, and community involvement. It is evident to us that the turnaround of the Lubbock Partnership Network campuses is working for our school community and there is no doubt that our partnership with Big Rock Educational Services has been a partner in our success!

Cicely Alexander  |  Executive Principal - Lubbock Partnership Network, Lubbock ISD

We all know that monitoring classroom instruction is a move that we all need to make in order for implementation to really happen in our classrooms. However, having your calendars synced with your target and clarity around a process to monitor your targets is sometimes challenging for campus leaders to build and execute. Our coaching from the BRES team has enabled our campus leaders to build, implement and maintain effective classroom monitoring systems around student culture and high-yield instructional strategies. The partnership with the BRES team has been powerful because it has allowed our leaders to “learn by doing”!

Joe Miniscalco  |  Executive Director of School Improvement, Richardson ISD

Our experience with BRES has increased our awareness, knowledge, and overall capacity to become more strategic and intentional instructional leaders. During our Year 1, we accomplished (1) effectively analyzing and responding to data, (2) developing accountability calendars to maximize our time in the classrooms; (3) implementing a system to engage in real-time coaching (administrator to coach and coach to teacher), and (4) engaging in targeted self-reflections to which had a direct impact on student outcomes. I truly appreciate the weekly pushes from BRES to dig deeper into the data ensuring high-leverage standards were targeted and influenced data driven instruction. Amazing experience!

Tysheka McKinnie  |  Assistant Principal - Goodman Elementary School, Aldine ISD

Big Rock Educational Services provided our school the game-changing structures and systems necessary to improve scholar engagement over 50% in three months.

Eric Mahmoud  |  Executive Director, Harvest Best Academy

BRES zeroed in on meeting the needs of our school using methodologies rooted in transformative leadership and instructional best practices. We were able to articulate the focus areas for each member of the leadership team with their support. It is wonderful to work with a team that is student driven and able to meet the needs of a variety of communities across the country. Thanks to this great support our leadership team is now equipped, focused and ready to work on achieving our school goals and big rocks, with minimized distractions and maximized efficiency.

Daniela Anello  |  Head of School, DC Bilingual Public Charter School

BRES was able to listen to our needs, diagnose next steps, draft rubrics based on our systems, and then come in to coach our team to align to culture rubrics. BRES led a process that was focused, collaborative, and effective. We have attended many trainings on coaching, but working with them allowed us to be precise and articulate in coaching practice. After one day with BRES, we are so excited to continue to practice using the rubrics and coaching protocol.

Malka Borrego  |  Founder and CEO, Equitas Academy Charter Schools

Having known Scott since he joined the Dallas Ed Reform landscape a number of years ago, I was happy to see him focus his considerable talent on supporting fidelity of high leverage leadership practices. Teaching Trust is happy to be an early adopter of BRES services and has received valuable training for our coaches as they work to strengthen and calibrate their leadership development.

Rosemary Perlmeter  |  Co-Founder & Senior Program Officer, Teaching Trust
Founder, Uplift Education

As a former employee of KIPP Dallas Fort-Worth and current Co-Founder at Big Rock Educational Services, Scott Hudnor has worked with me and is currently working with our regional Academics team to put highly structured and effective systems in place that our school leaders can use to implement data driven instruction, school culture walkthroughs and effectively manage their time against the most important educational levers. He is in constant contact with the team and ensures that his services align with the particular needs and goals of KIPP DFW. His knowledge on the highest levers for school success–and most important of all, how to successfully create and implement them–has been a huge asset to our KIPP DFW schools and the KIPPsters we serve!

Quinton Vance  |  Executive Director, KIPP Dallas-Fort Worth

This past year, Scott has had a tremendous impact on me and my leadership development. He has pushed me to articulate clearly what I believe and want to be true in a school, and to translate those beliefs into big rocks that can be communicated, measured, and lived through every aspect of the school. Additionally, he has helped me develop strategic systems that will allow me to prioritize my time as a leader intentionally and in the highest impact areas. In every interaction, I know that my experiences, strengths and beliefs about schools are both valued and leveraged to have the highest possible positive impact on my teachers, leadership team, and students.

Katie Hill  |  Fisher Fellow and Founding School Leader, KIPP Truth Elementary School

As a founding school leader, I have learned that having a great vision and mission for our school is not enough. Through working with Scott Hudnor, BRES, I have been able to pinpoint the systems that will get our students and staff closer to that vision. After identifying the systems, we worked together to create detailed criteria for achieving excellence within each system. This allowed me to plan more intentionally the way in which I will communicate with and support my staff in the implementation of these systems. I have a peace of mind knowing that I have indicators that I can study to determine whether we are on track or need to adjust course in order to meet our mission, which is to prepare our students to succeed in college.

Esmeralda Cardoso  |  Fisher Fellow and Founding School Leader, KIPP Destiny Middle School

The support and development I received from Scott Hudnor as a teacher has provided me with the tools to succeed in my later leadership roles as Dean and Director of my school. Scott’s observations and collection of objective data helped me to see my highest leverage areas of growth and he always delivered that feedback with a very collaborative and supportive demeanor. Scott has a knack for pinpointing the next big “thing” that is needed in the classroom setting in order to achieve his vision of excellence. He eats, sleeps and breathes student achievement.

Chloe LaFrance  |  Primary Director, Uplift Luna Preparatory