About Us

What is a big rock?

A big rock is any school system that has a high impact on student achievement. Based on best practices of the highest performing schools and our experience as former school leaders, schools that select and prioritize the big rocks are the ones that produce the highest student achievement.

How we can help your school

Are you having difficulty finding enough hours in the day? Not sure where to focus your efforts to drive student achievement? Big Rock Educational Services is the leadership coaching partner that works with you arm to arm, beginning to end, to set up systems that will allow you to spend the majority of your day on the things that matter while still having time to take care of all your daily tasks. Unlike other consultants who spend a lot of time collecting data and offloading recommendations for you to implement yourself, utilizing the BRES Effective Coaching Framework we collaboratively set goals that matter for your school and achieve them together while building your leadership capacity.

What makes us different?

  • Metrics based – We establish project goals, define metrics for success and work alongside you to meet those metrics.
  • Collaborative – We collaborate with you during the entire process.
  • Customizable – We align our systems with your school or district priorities.
  • Hands-on – We work alongside your system’s school, department, or organizational leaders throughout the implementation process.
  • Soup to Nuts – We work with you from the beginning to the end of the process and create sustainable systems that build capacity for your long-term success.

Our Story

Big Rock Educational Services (BRES) is a hands-on and collaborative consulting service partnering with traditional public district schools, charter schools and leader training organizations. BRES was founded in May 2014 by Matt Khirallah and Scott Hudnor who both share a passion for ensuring that all students receive a high-quality education. Initially meeting in September of 2010, Matt joined Scott at the recently opened Uplift Luna Preparatory, an elementary charter school in Dallas, Texas. While working together at Uplift Luna they realized that although they both shared the same passion for high student achievement they also possessed distinctly different and valuable skill sets that led to the school’s success. When the time came for the opening of a new middle and high school, they both jumped at the opportunity to open and co-lead this campus. Matt was able to run the business and operations side of the new campus which allowed Scott to focus his strength on running the instructional side.

Operating since 2014 and working with over 100 schools across the country, BRES has achieved numerous successes. This includes elevating schools from the threat of being shut down to providing a high quality of education for kids. Matt and Scott have learned that the most impactful method of helping schools succeed is not the traditional consulting model of collecting large amounts of data over a long period of time and submitting recommendations for improvement. But rather working side by side with school and district leadership teams to show them the way to success providing guidance and coaching along the way.

Our Team

Learn more about the BRES team here. 

Our Partners:

We are privileged to partner with mission-aligned organizations who share our commitment of improving outcomes for kids.