Our Services

Our unique approach starts with accurately diagnosing the challenges in a school and building a plan to solve for those challenges. We then help our clients with realizing their vision for excellence by providing side by side coaching to collaboratively meet goals directly tied to student achievement. The highest performing schools identify, prioritize, and implement the highest impact systems or “big rocks” that lead to student achievement.

School Diagnostics

We diagnose where your school or network stands with respect to planning and implementing high impact systems or what we call “big rocks”. The diagnostics are customizable, objective and data-based.

Coaching & Implementation

We work alongside your system’s school, department, or organizational leaders to implement the necessary steps to achieve the project goal.

  • Strategic Planning
  • Time Management
  • Data Driven Instruction
  • Student Culture Systems (school-wide and in-class culture & behavior management)
  • High Impact Instructional Strategies
  • Observation & Feedback Systems
  • and much more