Our Services

We help school leadership teams create the systems, provide professional development and engage in ongoing coaching to support successful implementation of the following big rocks:

Big Rock Prioritization & Implementation

Helping leaders build and align their calendars to ensure they are spending their time on the big rock priorities that drive student achievement, prioritize teacher development and support, and promote engaging and joyful academic culture.

Student Culture

Developing engaging student experience through the creation of inclusive and rigorous classroom environments while fostering positive and equitable student culture in community areas (Arrival, hallway transitions, lunch and dismissal)


Improving discipline systems for increased equity.



Data-Driven Instruction

Building the capacity of instructional team members to plan and execute data meetings. 


Planning for the needs of diverse learners, learning acceleration, maximizing student access to grade-appropriate content, just in time interventions, and differentiated learning strategies that drive student achievement.


Classroom Rigor

Building the capacity of instructional team members to foster rigorous curriculum and instructional materials implementation through the planning and leadership of instructional planning meetings or PLCs. 

Supporting schools or districts with an adopted instructional resource or High Quality Instructional Material (HQIM), as well as schools without a standardized resource, through developing systems for curriculum implementation, analyzing state standards, and internalizing or planning for rigorous lessons.  

Observation & Feedback

Building the capacity of leadership team members to plan and execute classroom observations and feedback conferences with teachers that both drive improvements in instructional practice as well as foster strong, trusting, collaborative relationships that increase teacher engagement and investment.

Additional instructional systems

Building a variety of customized instructional systems and professional development experiences custom-made for district and school leadership teams to support implementation of teaching & learning, school leadership, operational, or human capital systems.

The BRES Leadership Coaching & Implementation programs are available as:

  • Year-long partnerships
  • Multi-year partnerships

All programs follow our three components of the BRES Process:

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