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A Conversation with Principal McKenzie

November 6, 2020

BRES Leadership Coach Dr. Callie Lalugba sat down with Principal Rolanda McKenzie of the ACE Demonstration & Design Lab at J.A. Hargrave Elementary in Crowley ISD.

In our interview, you’ll learn about Principal McKenzie’s path characterized by grit and determination even in the face of unprecedented challenge. By leaning into the big rocks, ensuring fidelity to implementation, supporting her staff, and putting students front and center of their work, campus staff was able to transform campus culture and instruction. With the support of BRES coaches, Principal McKenzie made difficult transitions to virtual instruction and ensured continued high levels of student and stakeholder engagement. The double-digit gains in student achievement at the conclusion of the 2019-2020 school year are an undeniable result of the tenacity of leadership and staff at Hargrave Elementary. They held high expectations for students and families and, every step of the way, they embraced the mindset that their students could and would be successful as long as every adult worked together on behalf of their success.

We were inspired by this story of student-centered resilience as Principal McKenzie shares how she navigates school closures and the trials of uncertainty through high expectations, care, and intentional planning. We know you will learn from and enjoy her story of transformation as much as we did.

See the Results from J.A. Hargrave Elementary School:

Watch the interview with Principal McKenzie: