Partnering with Big Rock Educational Services, (BRES) has helped refocus our leadership teams back to instruction and away from all of the fillers and even distractions, that take time and energy away from instruction. We were confident in our decision to partner with BRES because their reputation and results had been vetted through our Texas Education Agency technical advisors. BRES employs research-based and effective practices and most importantly, they have high success rates! BRES helped dramatically redesign and restructure our campuses to create a culture of academic success!

Based on pre-COVID interim data, it was expected that all campuses were going to earn at least a B Texas Education Agency rating. We must also not ignore the power of anecdotal evidence, such as positive organizational health inventories on our campuses, astronomical decreases in discipline data with significant decline in referrals across all 4 campuses, and increased enrichment, and community involvement. It is evident to us that the turnaround of the Lubbock Partnership Network campuses is working for our school community and there is no doubt that our partnership with Big Rock Educational Services has been a partner in our success!

Cicely AlexanderExecutive Principal - Lubbock Partnership Network, Lubbock ISD