Case Studies

Teaching Trust: 2014 – 2015

Our Client

Teaching Trust, established in 2011, has a well-deserved reputation for training current and aspiring urban school leaders to empower change at the campus level.  Through three Leadership Programs and with support from the Teaching Trust Alumni Network, Teaching Trust works to build professional capacity to transform urban schools.

  1. Aspiring Leaders Program
  2. Fellows Program
  3. Teams Program

The Need

Through close communication and collaboration with all key stakeholders, the following area of need was identified:

  • School Diagnostics – The measurement of the effectiveness of eleven urban schools led by Teaching Trust program participants at the beginning, middle and end of the school year to provide leadership development coaches and school leaders with data on which high impact school systems to prioritize, plan and implement to increase student achievement.

Our Solution

  • Teaching Trust / BRES aligned framework created and used for the school diagnostics. The framework identifies high impact systems that lead to school success and aligns the Teaching Trust competencies with the BRES frameworks.
  • School diagnostics performed for eleven schools currently led by Teaching Trust school leaders at the beginning, middle and end of the school year.
  • Data-based report of findings delivered to Teaching Trust staff, identifies and recommends the highest impact school systems to prioritize and implement.

Client Benefit

  • The aligned framework ensures consistent prioritization and implementation of the highest impact systems across all schools led by Teaching Trust program participants.
  • Data collected on the aligned framework during the school diagnostics enables the Teaching Trust staff to prioritize, plan and implement the appropriate high impact system(s) to increase student achievement.
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