Case Studies

DC Bilingual Public Charter School: 2016 – 2017


Founded in 2004, DC Bilingual provides an innovative dual immersion Spanish and English learning program for all students, regardless of their home language. Through their rigorous academic curriculum, comprehensive arts, technology, and athletics programs, and their celebration of diverse cultures, DC Bilingual’s students learn the skills and values they need to become influential participants in their community. DC Bilingual has again achieved Tier 1 status, the highest ranking awarded by the DC Public Charter School Board to charter schools.


Through close communication and collaboration with the DC Bilingual leadership team, the following areas of need were identified:

  • Selection and prioritization of the big rocks of instruction, student culture and school operations for the 2016-2017 school year for the following four positions:
    • Head of Schools
    • Principal
    • Chief Operating Officer
    • Director of Student Support Services
  • Ongoing implementation of the big rocks of the big rocks of instruction, student culture, and school operations during the 2016-2017 school year for the four positions.


  • Coaching sessions with DC Bilingual leadership team 
  • outcomes:
    • Select highest impact big rocks for the four positions that will have the greatest impact on student achievement based on school data
    • Create bite-sized measurable action items for each big rock
    • Define metrics for success for each big rock and corresponding action items
    • Determine methodology of data collection to accurately measure metrics for success
    • Assign individuals responsible for implementation of the action items


  • Selecting and prioritizing big rocks, creating bite-sized measurable action items with clear metrics for success and assigning persons responsible for implementation; ensures the DC Bilingual leadership team has a clear focus and thus prioritizes at least 75% of the instructional day on implementation to increase student achievement.
  • Coaching on the implementation of the big rocks helps the regional leadership team:
    • prioritize 75% of the instructional day coaching
    • hold their teams accountable
    • ensure big rocks are implemented with high fidelity to increase student achievement
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